LLARSEN provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty* on your LLARSEN watch. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase. In order to invoke the warranty, the warranty-card must be filled in completely and correctly by an authorised LLARSEN retailer.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, aging or void due to improper use. Inappropriate use includes water damage, accident damage (such as shock, fractures) and damage caused by a failure to comply with operating instructions. Warranty is also void if maintenance, repairs or replacement of the strap on the LLARSEN watch is made by a third party who is not authorised by LLARSEN.

*The following components are not covered under warranty: Battery and straps.

Repair: When defects are covered by the warranty LLARSEN will assess whether a repair can be performed, or if the watch must be replaced with an equivalent or similar watch.

LLARSEN head office repay the shipping costs if: the repair is covered under warranty, the shipping receipt is presented and the repairform is filled in correctly and completely.

Authorised LLARSEN retailers have the right to charge a fee for postage and possible insurance.

To claim your warranty please contact your authorised LLARSEN retailer or LLARSEN head office.

If the needed repair of your watch is not covered by the warranty, you will receive a message from our service department for your approval before any work begins.