Stock items are usually sent the day after ordering and will arrive to you within 2-5 working days. We do however strive to send the goods on the same day as the order is confirmed. Payment transactions will be settled by the time of shipment. 

If your order does not include inventory / ordering goods, we will send you a message and expected delivery date and then your order will only be sent when we can make a single delivery, or by appointment. If there are significant discrepancies, the customer must send LLARSEN a message at the latest within 3 working days. If LLARSEN is not contacted within 3 working days, the order is then considered as properly delivered.  

We use door to door delivery, there is a possibility of opting for another delivery address (workplace) in check out. 
If your package is not delivered as planned, please contact Local UPS department and inquire. Alternatively, contact directed to our head office and we will be able to help and solve the problem.

Order confirmation: All orders will be confirmed automatically via e-mail. If there are any problems with the delivery of your order, you will within 24 hours (on weekdays) receive an email explaining the issue. You can always follow your order status using the tracking numbers, which you will receive as soon as your order leaves our warehouse. 

UK: All orders to the UK must be at least £135 or more. Please note that there might be an extra tax added to your order upon arrival. This is due to the new Brexit rules and will be charged by the couriers. This is not something that LLARSEN is responsible for. 

Shipping: All orders are free. 

Courier: GLS (Denmark) & UPS (rest of the world)