Ladies' watches at LLARSEN are all made with inspiration from Danish design principles, which puts great weight on the quality of any design. So, we are proud to be craftsmen who deliver high quality watches to women.
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Ladies' watches, Danish design

For many women, a watch is usually seen as an additional accessory, as women choose to wear necklaces, earrings and rings as their primary jewelry. However, a watch can easily stand alone and be a complementing addition to any outfit, whether it is for work, a party, or a slow day at home. A ladies’ watch can either be a discreet accessory or dominate her whole look. The discrete ones usually consist of the dainty watches, on which the watch strap is only a few centimeters wide, and the dial is rather small. The opposite is true for the statement watches, where both the dial and the watch strap are predominantly larger. 

Of course, a ladies' watch is so much more than a nice accessory, as it also has the duty of being functional. That is why a women's watch is a popular piece of jewelry. It combines the practical with the aesthetic. Watches for women come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we, at LLARSEN, also sell a wide range of styles. Thus, our collection guarantees beautiful watches that will suit you, whether you are looking for a women’s watch that is elegant, a statement piece or simply classic.  

At LLARSEN we have:

Timeless Ladies’ Watches

In our range you will find women's watches that are not only timeless, but also of high quality. This way, you are guaranteed to find a watch that will last a lifetime. At LLARSEN, we sell:

  • Silver women's watches: the watches in this category are made of stainless steel and are paired with cases, whose glass is coated with a multi-layer anti-reflective coating.
  • Gold women's watches: the watches in this category are made of gold-plated stainless steel and once again the cases’ glass is coated with a multi-layer anti-reflective coating.
  • Rose gold women’s watches: the watches in this category are made of rose gold plated stainless steel

Common to all our watches is that the watch glass is made of sapphire crystal which makes the watch more durable. All watches are made with inspiration from Danish design principles, which puts great weight on the quality of any design. So, we are proud to be craftsmen who deliver high quality watches to women. 

Exclusive watches for women

Ladies’ watches at LLARSEN are all unique and handmade in Denmark, something that has always been true for our products since the launch of the brand in 1919. Our century-long experience has also taught us to be craftsmen that can deliver price-conscious quality. Thus, our collection consists of affordable women’s watches that balance value and price.  

We understand that a watch is seen as an investment, and therefore there can be many steps and questions in your decision process, such as:

  • Which women’s watch should I choose:

A women's watch can be a great addition to your jewelry collection. Sometimes, women even have several watches in their jewelry box, as they give them many expression options. Women's watches come in several different designs, most often matched to outfits depending on what works that day. On one extreme, there are designs that resemble a piece of jewelry, more than a watch. In this case the dial is made in a daintier format, where the numbers are rather minimalistic. One the other extreme, there are watches that are larger in size and have a more masculine feel to them, due to a complicated nature or “harsher” design elements. 

Therefore, there is no objective answer to the question "which ladies’ watch should I choose" because it is a completely subjective decision based on your style, preferences, and way of living. Yet, there are some particular characteristics to every style of watch that you could consider: 

  • Ladies’ gold watches

At LLARSEN, these watches can be paired with both mesh bracelets and leather straps. In this style, the watch’s expression is warmer because the dial is made of gold, a rather warming metal. For many, a gold watch is considered more exclusive since gold is an expensive material.

  • Ladies’ steel watches

These are, for many, synonymous with a colder style, as steel is silver-colored. The silver usually gives out a more sophisticated, yet distant image. It is important to mention that our steel watches are also available with both mesh bracelets and leather straps.

  • Ladies’ rose gold watches

The women's watches in this category are a mix of gold, silver, and copper, which is a rather unique mixed expression that can be seen as a rather warm one. Again, it is possible to buy these watches paired with both leather straps and mesh bracelets. 

  • Ladies’ oxidized steel watches

The last category consists of watches on which the steel base is oxidized. This means that the watches are darker, almost black, and thus more raw in their appearance. These can only be combined with a leather strap, yet your options are not restricted as we offer leather straps in numerous colors. 

Ladies’ watches with leather straps

Women's watches at LLARSEN are, like all our watches, designed to be adjustable as their straps can be replaced any time. This means that you can change the look of your watch in a quick and easy way. So, if one day you prefer a watch with a leather strap instead of a mesh bracelet, or the opposite, it is possible to buy more watch straps that can easily be put on the dial of your watch when you decide to switch up your look. At LLARSEN, we offer several options for watch straps:

  • Ladies’ watches with leather strap: available in different colors, such as rose, blue or black.
  • Ladies’ watches with double leather strap: available in several colors, such as black and powder.
  • Ladies’s watches with mesh strap: the straps are available in steel, as well as rose gold- and gold-plated steel.

Find your next ladies’ watch at LLARSEN.