At LLARSEN, there is a large selection of designs for men, so there is definitely one to fit everyone’s taste, whether you are looking for one with a sleek and simple expression, or a design with a more masculine chromatic feel.
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Men's watches in Danish design. 

Jewelry is a powerful kind of accessory, as it can portray someone’s character easily, yet it can also paint someone’s image wrongly if it does not match their personality and preferences. This may be more of the case for men, as men have not traditionally worn many accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces, thus one piece of jewelry may make or break the image they intend to represent. So, choosing the right piece of jewelry is a delicate matter that is usually thought through. However, a watch has always been a classic piece of jewelry that most men wear, as it has become a customary addition to men’s outfits over the years.

Due to the weight it has, a men's watch has the potential to dress up any outfit, whether it is a formal look or a casual one. For most men, a watch is a classic accessory. It is also often the only piece of jewelry they men choose to wear, so making up your mind on which piece to purchase is a considerable decision. Fortunately, there are many options in the market, so you can always find a watch that suits your taste. Watches come in several different metals, colors, and straps:

Timeless Men's Watches

A men's watch can be a big expense, especially when it comes to the very high-end brands. Owning their watches comes with a prestige and for many it can become an obsession to collect them. However, purchasing them is a very big investment, as the prices can be as high as 100,000 DKK or more. This means that in most cases these watches end up in a safe, as they are very desirable and a risky accessory to walk around with. If what you wish is to own a men's watch that you can easily wear daily, then investing in a more affordable and accessible watch can be a wiser decision. Yet, that does not mean you have to compromise on the quality, even though that is a rather challenging task. At LLARSEN, we guarantee timeless, price-conscious, handmade watches for men, in Danish standards of quality, that balance value for price. 

Exclusive watches for men

As manufacturers of quality men's watches, we have, for many years, provided Danish men with elegant watches that stay fashionable over time. This is not only due to the watches’ timeless design, but also due to the fact that we provide our customers with the option of changing their straps depending on their look, mood and time of the year, as we have made it possible to buy extra straps that fit the LLARSEN watch you have chosen. This means that you can buy additional straps in leather, gold or steel and change the expression as you see fit. Thus, at LLARSEN you can find exclusive men's watch designs that can be adapted to exactly match you and the image you want to create. 

You may be left with some questions that we would like to help with. For example, you may be wondering:  

  • Which men's watch should I buy?

A men's watch is available in many shapes and sizes, and these have various advantages and disadvantages. A watch with a leather strap is a classic option, and a popular choice among men. A leather strap can last a long time but will change appearance as the leather wears over time. A mesh strap will give the watch a more luxurious and homogenic look, as the strap is often matched with the material the watch frame is made of. However, a mesh strap can naturally, for some, lead to uncomfortable situations due to their arm hair.  

So, when asking "which watch should I buy?", there is no definitive answer. But there are some elements that are always a good idea to look for when choosing a watch:

  • Durability
  • Quality materials

By keeping these in mind, you can find a men's watch that lasts for many years. And that is exactly what you will find at LLARSEN, as our watch straps are all made of quality leather and steel. Thus, we can guarantee that your watch is a life-long investment.

  • How to make a watch smaller?

A watch cannot be made smaller, but it is always an option to own several sizes of watches. If you wish to have a variety of watch sizes, then it is ideal to find these designs at an affordable price. At LLARSEN, we offer numerous designs in several shapes and sizes. We focus on making all our watches in high quality that will last for many years and therefore have a lifetime guarantee. You will find our men's watches in:

Men's watches with leather strap and bracelets

In our selection, you can find numerous men's watches, and in several price ranges. For example:

  • Gold men's watches: our watches in this category are made of gold-plated stainless steel with dials available in several different colors, including a deep blue, dark green and black.
  • Silver men's watches: the watches in this category are also made of stainless steel and are offered with dials in white, blue and black.
  • Bronze men's watches: our watches in this category are paired with a dial in green that complements their bronze case. 

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